Collingwood’s 50 Most Sensational Games

Remember that game when….

So many a footy discussion in the pubs, offices, homes and clubrooms across the nation has kicked off this way.

Each season is a journey, a roller-coaster ride of emotions for the Magpie faithful. No other supporters take defeat to heart so acutely, and to the chagrin of everyone else, no other celebrates with such gusto.

Ever since Melbourne’s most deprived suburb spawned The Club, a passing parade of champions, honest battlers and everything in between have made Collingwood what it is today; steeped in a rich, sometimes turbulent history, and most certainly never dull.

Here, fifty of Collingwood’s most sensational games have been identified, described and analysed for posterity. Historical snapshots that go some way to explain the Magpie mystique, and why so many proudly and defiantly proclaim themselves true believers.

And as proven in recent years, simply the biggest show in town.




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