Like sanity at a One Nation convention, this blog hasn’t been afforded much regard of late.

Addressing a gnawing curiosity whether I had a decent story in me and whether I had the skill to regurgitate it in a compelling and entertaining fashion has been a heck of an experience over the past 12 months. So what is this booky thing I’ve given birth to, in case you’re asking?

Undercurrents was inspired to a degree by my all-time most popular post The 7 Wonders of Reservoir, and a conviction Australia’s largest and kookiest suburb has been criminally neglected by storytellers. With the well-worn goal in mind to write what I know and what I enjoy, the story evolved to embrace an eclectic blend of action, drama, romance, crime, colloquial humour, nostalgia, music, sport and more.

Yeah I know, a beast of a concept to pitch to agents and publishers.  Alas, genre benders are what I gravitate to as a consumer, so there was that.

Set in Melbourne’s hard boiled north with a distinctive ’80’s backing track, Undercurrents melds love, life, loss and heroism into a tumultuous coming-of-age tale.

At the core is Jack McIvor, 15, dealing both with events at the notorious Gunnamatta surf beach and the forces of human nature. Between waves of discontent, a crashing cover drive and the alluring prospect of one Katrina Jensen provide Jack at least two reasons to fight the tide.

Meanwhile, Jack’s father Mick soldiers on with his own demons bubbling just below the surface. Alas, attempts to alleviate an escalating domestic dispute next-door set the McIvors on a collision course with another deadly threat. 

Well, that’s the gist of it. Hopefully if you’ve made it this far you might feel inclined to click the link below and grant Undercurrents a look via this link.


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