Answers to the Aus v NZ 3rd Test Quiz

As published by The Footy Almanac, 30 November 2015

Write Line Fever’s 3rd Test Match quiz received a lukewarm response, nonetheless we thank everyone who bothered. The winner was William S Town of Williamstown. Congratulations William on a marginally better effort than the 7 other entries. For the record, the answers were:

  1. False: Boof the Wonder Dog is not the name of the Australian coach.
  2. Geoff Marsh acquired the negatives in 1986. They still come in handy about three times a year.
  3. A) Bubbles the Monkey is chairman of the Australian selection panel
  4. C): Neither Wayne Weidemann nor Ken Cunningham ring the St Peter’s Cathedral bells. They are rung by Darren Jarman.
  5. True: Someone actually read Michael Clarke’s Ashes diary from cover to cover
  6. The Shane Warne Foundation is best applied in several layers.  Available for purchase online and from David Jones.
  7. D) somewhere between 11 cents and $47 of every purchase is donated to charity
  8. C) ‘Pink balls have enjoyed rigorous testing at night’ said the bishop to the actress
  9. True: Despite it’s spherical shape, leather cover and stitching, the pink cricket ball behaved remarkably like an actual cricket ball, although at night it swung more than Keith Miller on tour
  10. 1 b) a pink cricket ball, 2 d) planes landing, 3 c) Rundle Mall, 4 a) Snowtown
  11. Correct: Both Kerry Packer and Richie Benaud rolled in their graves when Channel 9 conducted a viewer poll to determine which commentator visited the Adelaide scoreboard
  12. The person pictured is Darren Lehmann.  Shrek is a fictional character in an animated DreamWorks movie.
  13. E) Commentator references to the ball being pink outnumbered that of the Adelaide Oval’s atmosphere, Victor Richardson Gates, the old Adelaide scoreboard, Les Favell and the church bells combined
  14. Correct: Cricket Australia stated the night test was just an experiment.  Had Australia lost the result would have been expunged on the compelling basis that ‘it was all just a bit of fun’.
  15. C: Something hit Nathan Lyon’s bat. Chief suspects on Nigel Llong’s list include; a seagull, a blowfly, a big booger, an unnecessary ‘l’ and the Voyager space probe
  16. Correct: Despite exhaustive efforts by news subbies, none of Pink Floyd, Pink Fit, Pink Panther, Pretty in Pink, In the Pink, Tickled Pink, Pink Bits, Pink Slip and Ink Pink you Stink made a plausible cricket headline
  17. True: Nine’s technological wizardry with early 2000’s graphics was referred to in glowing terms by air conditioning salesman Mark Taylor as ‘3D in 2D on HD’.
  18. The acting Australian fieldsman pictured is Grant Baldwin.  He is a sports masseuse visiting the country with his father Alec who is promoting his latest movie (ironically titled ‘Blind’).
  19. True: Grant Baldwin last played cricket in the Ringwood District Cricket Association on 14 March 2009
  20. True: Justin Langer has no clue how to eliminate draws from test cricket but is confident Christopher Pyne will fix it
  21. Correct: Justin Langer would also like to solve conflict in the Middle East but needs a bit more time on that one too
  22. A) Australia reached peak stupidity when Mitch Starc batted with a broken foot with 2 runs to win, followed by D) Mitch Marsh’s 2nd inning dismissal, C) Shaun Marsh’s 1st innings dismissal, B) the team masseuse fielding
  23. False: James Brayshaw’s favourite song is not the Smiths’ Stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before (Brayshaw is more a Wham! fan)
  24. To field for Australia in the 1st test against the West Indies, send a stamped self-addressed envelope with your name, contact number, email address and $50 to Cricket Australia

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