A Dick forgiven

As published by The Sunday Age, 17 February 2013

Last May, Sunday Age freelance contributor Jeff Dowsing wrote in our opinion pages that it was time for turn of the century Collingwood star Dick Condon to finally be recognised by the club.

At the time Dowsing argued that the Magpies should forgive fiery Condon, who left Victoria Park in 1906 after his relationship  captain with coach Alf ‘ ‘Rosie’’ Dummett deteriorated and joined Richmond without a clearance.

Well, on Wednesday Collingwood finally followed through and inducted Condon as a life member – along with modern day Magpie greats Josh Fraser, Chris Tarrant and – another talented if erratic Magpie – Phil Carman.

In Condon’s case,  much of the support material for the three-time premiership player and ‘Champion of the Colony’ to be recognised was A Dick forgiven_SunAge 170213supplied by soon-to-be 50 year Magpie member Ken Woolfe –  a former league umpire!

Accepting his great uncle’s life membership on Wednesday was 77-year-old Bob Condon, who thanked the Pies for the gesture.

“This is an act of reconciliation football purists and historians will applaud,” he said.

Our man Dowsing was also pleased, writing this week to remind  Pssst of the words of American author F. Scott Fitzgerald who once said ‘forgotten is forgiven’. In this case ‘remembered is forgiven’ may be the the more appropriate moral.

To read more about Dick Condon go online: http://bit.ly/XAJXUL


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  1. theholyboot says:

    Missed this follow up piece! Nice work. I like ‘Our man Dowsing’


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